I am a Jefferson LEADER. I serve my home, school and community with PRIDE! I work hard to become a better leader and a better me! I choose to LEAD!

Jefferson Elementary

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Jefferson School-Based Decision Making Council
2018-2019 Members:
*Jessica Emerson
*Jessalyn Hazel
*Jessica Duncan
*Ashley Evans
*Jill Brady

The school council adopted a policy to be implemented by the principal in the following additional areas:
1.  Determination of curriculum, including needs assessment and curriculum development.
2.  Assignment of all instructional and non-instructional staff time;
3.  Assignment of students to classes and programs within the schools;
4.  Determination of the schedule of the school day and week subject to the beginning and ending times of the school day and school calendar year as established by the local board;
5.  Determination of use of school space during the school day;
6.  Planning and resolution of issues regarding instructional practices;
7.  Selection and implementation of discipline and classroom management techniques, including responsibilities of the student parent, teacher, counselor, and principal;
8.  Selection of extracurricular programs and determination of policies relating student participation based on academic qualifications and attendance requirements, program evaluations, and supervision, and
9.  Procedures, consistent with local school board policy, for determining alignment with state standards, technology utilization, and program appraisal.